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Are you a writer looking to see your work come to life?

Let's collaborate because I'm an actor looking for scenes to film. In the effort to improve my craft as an actor, I am always looking for scenes to practice. If you are a writer looking to see a scene you've written performed, I would love to collaborate with you.

Here's the Scoop

I will be selecting submissions to film. Please note these will be very basic filmings: plain backdrop; medium shot; with limited props or wardrobes. The purpose of this for you the writer is to see the scene read by an actor. With these notes in mind, please do not submit scenes that are heavily dependent on actions, locations ext. Ideal scenes are dialogue driven between two characters 2-5 pages in length. Any scenes I film will be posted to my youtube channel. By submitting a scene you consent for it to be filmed and posted online.

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By submitting a script using the form on this page you agree to the following terms.


You are the Writer of the submitted script. You own the copyright of the submitted script in its entirety with no conflicts or contracts that permit you from allowing the use of the submitted script. You will not enter into any agreements, past present or future that may revoke the use of the script for this submission. You will be the one held legally responsible for any copyright infringement claims brought up as a result of the submitted script.


You the copyright owner of the script, give Forrest McBride full rights to use the script. This includes the right to: Film the contents of the script; post footage publicly or privately online in any form; distribute footage privately to individuals; to modify the script in whole or in part; bring on any other persons to be involved in the filming of the script. Forrest McBride will retain the full copyright of any footage derived from the content of the script.


Forrest McBride or his team may not re-sell the script in whole or in part. It is understood that this agreement of use is only for the purposes of filming the contents of the script.


You will be given attribution as the writer of the script either audibly, visibly or both in any media where the script is used. The "Writers Name" field on the submission form will be used for attribution. Any error, typos, misspellings in this field may be reflected in the attribution. It is your responsibility to ensure the form is filled out accurately. Script modifications by Forrest McBride or his team filming the script such as line tweaks, and action adjustment or omissions may not be declared.


You agree that you have submitted this script with the understanding that you will not receive any compensation for it. Even in the event that Forrest McBride and his team make any money for the use of your script, be that from video ads or any other method, you will not receive royalties or compensation of any kind.