I developed measureSTL using:

measureSTL is a javascript based web app I developed to visualize and measure the surface area of 3D objects in an stl file.

While working as an Instructional Content Developer at a metal plating company, I recognized that the quoting department had a difficult time describing how to generate a quote, and part of that difficulty was interpreting the measurements of a part they would receive, specifically surface area, a very important factor for something your about to cover in gold.  This brought me to create measureSTL, a very basic tool to view and see the dimensions of a 3D model, including surface area.

This project was a fun experience for me because it was my first time exploring THREE.js a library for working with 3d space and objects using javascript and I was excited to see how much I could accomplish with it. All the processing is done client-side with javascript leaving my server free from taxing processes and users peace of mind that their models don't need to be uploaded to the internet. Writing this now, sometime later after creating measureSTL, makes me want to play around with three.js more on some other 3d visualization ideas I've had.